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NEW: Monica Pignotti's PowerPoint Presentation to the International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) on

Cults, Dissociation and Models of Helping and Recovery

This challenges turning issues people have while readjusting after leaving abusive, authoritarian groups, aka "Cults", into diagnoses when most people readjust very successfully without the assistance of the trauma industry

Watch The OCD Project, evidence-based practice in action on television! It's not just for research geeks, it's for real people. A refreshing change after all the woo we see on TV. This program features an evidence-based therapy for OCD called Exposure and Response Prevention, carried out in a group setting by Dr. David Tolin.

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Monica Pignotti's Critical Journal of Clinical Psychology Articles on Thought Field Therapy

Retraction of 2001 Article on Thought Field Therapy and Heart Rate Variability

Callahan Fails to Meet the Burden of Proof for Thought Field Therapy's Claims

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The Cochrane Collaboration

The California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse
Contains evidence-based ratings on interventions for children

Critical Thinking


Health Fraud

Brandon Gaudiano's Debunking TFT


Research on Social Work Practice
Monica Pignotti is on the Editorial Board of this Journal, which specializes in intervention research and program evaluations.

The Scientific Review of Mental Health Practice
Highly recommended, rigorous peer reviewed journal that provides critical analysis of novel unsupported therapies and other research and reviews.

How to be a Good Mental Health Consumer

Abusive Authoritarian Groups and Relationships

The International Cultic Studies Association

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